2019 NIFCA AWARDS – Literary Arts

todayDecember 13, 2019 765

AwardEntrantTitle of PieceCategorySpecial Awards/Prizes
BRONZEJasmin JonesThe Silk Cotton ChroniclesAdult ManuscriptBest Original NIFCA Literary Arts Nominee
Cropper Foundation Scholarship
SILVERGillian KarlsrudFrom Mount Hillaby to Machu PicchuAdult Essay
BRONZEGillian KarlsrudWould you like some rudeness with your fish?Adult Essay
SILVERJeffrey WalcottLos BarbadosAdult Essay
SILVERSheree-Ann Lashley...Because You Are A NumberAdult Essay
BRONZEAlexei Frederic - Camp MooringsFive HaikuJunior Poetry
BRONZEAlexis-Claire Peters - Foundation SchoolThe FightJunior Poetry
BRONZEAlicia Howard -St.Michael SchoolCommunionJunior Poetry
BRONZEAndrew John Francis- St.Michael SchoolThe Heart ManJunior Poetry
SILVERAngell Moore Inner Monologue: Midnight ThoughtsJunior Poetry
BRONZEChante Thorpe - St.Michael schoolHeartmanJunior Poetry
BRONZEClaire Lacorbiniere & Jadan Rawlins & Kazaria Seale -Camp MooringsThree RhymesJunior Poetry
BRONZECyanne Barker &Nairobi Gill & Gabrielle Bayley - Camp MooringsThree OdesJunior Poetry
BRONZEDestiny Lashley - St.Mchael SchoolDe Heart Man Junior Poetry
SILVERIsaac DaSilvaHolidaysJunior Poetry
BRONZEIsaac DaSilvaMango ThievesJunior Poetry
BRONZEIsaac DaSilvaFreedomJunior Poetry
BRONZEJanae Herbert - St.Michael SchoolWhat Colour Am I?Junior Poetry
BRONZEJoshua R T FieldPencilJunior Poetry
SILVERKazaria Seale & Danielle Edwards & Amaiah Pollard & Ciara BaptisteFour CinquainsJunior Poetry
BRONZEKezia Edwards - St.Michael SchoolThe Crucifixion of EducationJunior Poetry
SILVERKiyomi CoombsOne Colour PoemJunior Poetry
BRONZEMerrick MarshallFamily Earth's AngerJunior Poetry
BRONZERenee-Simone St. John De HeartmanJunior Poetry
BRONZERenee-Simone St. John God the world's CreatorJunior Poetry
SILVERTristani Gittens Mighty Burger King Chicken Junior Poetry
SILVERAariel BroomeThe Both ChildJunior Prose
SILVERAbayomi MarshallCane FireJunior Prose
GOLDAbayomi Marshall & Alicia Howard -The St. Michael SchoolThe Guardians of BarbadosJunior Prose
SILVERAdanna AlleyneShooting with PrideJunior Prose
BRONZEDaniel Thomas - St.Michael SchoolWith Love in His EyesJunior Prose
BRONZEDonna EveryVauclusePublished Books
SILVERRacquel WilliamsThe Girl with the Hazel Eyes by Callie BrowningPublished Books
BRONZEWayne JordanPromise Me A DreamPublished Books
BRONZEAlister AlexanderLet Humility Pray for meAdult Poetry
BRONZEAnna ClarkePleasureAdult Poetry
BRONZEAprille ThomasA Mother's ThornAdult Poetry
BRONZECharmaine Layne-WatermanYou keep promising to send for me!Adult PoetryVision 20 Nomination
SILVERChloe WalkerMukwanoAdult Poetry
BRONZEDeanne KennedyMy Place in the Food ChainAdult Poetry
SILVERGale E. WeithersIf Only on the Outside; If Only on the InsideAdult Poetry
BRONZEGloria EastmondMagnum OpusAdult Poetry
BRONZEGloria EastmondWash DayAdult Poetry
BRONZEGloria EastmondDiscoveryAdult PoetryUWI Creative Writing Course Nomination
BRONZEJeffrey WalcottHow I Could Walk AwayAdult PoetryUWI Creative Writing Course Nomination
BRONZEKelsia KellmanA Poem About Not Being Able To Write A PoemAdult Poetry
SILVERNathan GibbonsDaddy's BikeAdult PoetryMost Promising Poetry
BRONZEPaul BatsonBarbados is DeadAdult Poetry
BRONZEPhillip St. HillCome Back!Adult Poetry
GOLDShanae Gill-HindsUnholy TrinityAdult PoetryKamau Brathwaite Prize
SILVERShanae Gill-HindsRice ... but No MeatAdult PoetryHIV Award
BRONZESharon Hurley-HallDon't Want to ExplainAdult Poetry
BRONZESharon Hurley-HallThis Old Barbados T-shirtAdult Poetry - Professional
BRONZESharon Hurley-HallMovingAdult Poetry
GOLDStephen SandifordRed and Yellow TruckAdult PoetryNIFCA nomination for best Original NIFCA entry
GOLDStephen SandifordFruitilityAdult Poetry
SILVERStephen SandifordTales from the Economic DownturnAdult Poetry
BRONZETyrone HolderA Painted DollAdult Poetry
SILVERWendy PatrickBlack Belly SpeechAdult PoetryBMA Award
SILVERWendy PatrickMusic's MagicAdult Poetry
SILVERWinston Farrell -PROFResurrection 1 (no kites)Adult Poetry
BRONZEWinston Farrell -PROFof MasqueradeAdult Poetry
BRONZEAnna ClarkeFatporksAdult Prose
BRONZEGeralyn Walkes - PROFDreams of FreedomAdult Prose
BRONZEGloria EastmondThe ManAdult Prose
SILVERMartin BoyceThe CrapaudAdult Prose
BRONZEMartin BoyceGreasy ManAdult Prose
BRONZERacquel WilliamsBajan Love StoryAdult ProseMost Promising Prose
BRONZERoss ChaseThe Despair of PeaceAdult Prose
GOLDSharma TaylorNoseAdult Prose
GOLDSharma TaylorHow you make Jamaican coconut oilAdult Prose
SILVERSharma TaylorAshAdult Prose
BRONZESheree-Ann LashleyFor AnnabelleAdult Prose

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