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Snippets of Our Past: On the Heels of Republicanism

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This is a collaborative virtual exhibition between the National Cultural Foundation and the Barbados Archives Department. It displays various aspects of Barbadian history from colonization to republicanism through a range of records on such topics as Slavery, Adult Suffrage, Politics, Education, Health, Riots, Emigration, the National Heroes of Barbados, Independence and Movements towards Republicanism.

The National Cultural Foundation is delighted to partner with its sister agency, the Barbados Archives Department to host this virtual exhibition entitled ‘Snippets of Our Past: On the Heels of Republicanism’.

Indeed, this moment provides us with an opportunity to feature the rich documentary heritage for which the Barbados Archives is known, both locally and internationally.

Equally, it provides us with the tools to help us create a moment of pause for Barbadians and those interested in Barbadian culture and history. Remembering and memorialising our ancestors, the nation-builders, known and unknown, named and unnamed are central to this. It revers those who agitated for close to four hundred years for this significant juncture, where the Head of State of the island is a Bajan, born and bred.

Within the rich collection of records made available in this exhibition, we invite participants on a historic journey to reflect on the tragic, triumphant and transformative moments of our past and its people, our people.

Specifically, we encourage viewers to meditate on the architects of that past: from colonialism, the enslavement of Africans, to anti-colonial and resistance moments, to independence and nationhood through to state sovereignty.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition.

Carol Roberts-Reifer – CEO, National Cultural Foundation


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