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We Stick Up At Home

todayJanuary 16, 2022 114

Lock up in we yard
An tings real hard.
Cyah guh out in de street Man tings real bleak.
We stick up at home.
De rum shop shut
-Yuh might lose yuh rum gut- Cyah guh out on de block Cause we might get caught.
Dominoes wid de men Come to a quick end. Limin by de beach
Is now a curfew breach.
We stick up at home.
At home wid de Misses
Only blowin me kisses.
Sleep in separate beds
Cause she frighten she gine dead.
Children on dem tablets Workin pon a project. Cyah watch television Cause da’s a distraction.
Pick up a book
But den I get ‘de look’. De house want cleaning Is what dat look meaning.
We stick up at home.
Ev’ry time I sit down
She find something wrong. Cyah tek a lil snooze
Cyah drink a lil booze.
She tell me try an’ do some work

Cause I’s a lazy jerk.
I cyah go in my bed
Cause she want me bake bread.
Ain got nuhwhere to hide From my nightmarish bride. Dis curfew need to done
So I could have some fun.
We stick up at home.
We stick up at home.
Caw bleh how long
We gine be stick up at home!

Written by: ncf_boss

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