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The Dusk Has Closen In

todayJanuary 16, 2022 115

I feel a strangeness in the atmosphere
Something has descended from where it’s
hard to tell. It hides in the mist that glooms
over us it hides in the rays of the sun
mimicking the behaviors approaching from
two perspectives one to letting us know
things can be alright but something bad is
about to happen the other just out to
destroy killing and damaging whatever it
can get exaggerating the ills that already
existed. It approached as a double edged
It starts out not so bad learning how
special you are learning what makes you
the person you are. The meaning behind
what’s in name. Learning that there were
gifts allotted to you that you never got to
use and the possibilities of acquiring
plenty more gifts, skills, tools and
education to enhance our lives in this
dome of gloom.
Whatever entity this thing is it’s caused
quite a lot of damage I should feel blessed
by being touched by the good side of
enlightenment but I’ve been also hit hard
with the deathly sharp side. Triggering pain
like no other. With illusions of making this
pain that feels like death seem like it is all
for the good. Debilitating methods that no
one would ever survive extracting the
greatness I once was and downloading all
the elements of death, illness and pain to
rely on something that doesn’t have my
best interests on its agenda.
I sit here looking for the love that was
stolen from me the security of self love, of
being strong enough to handle this war.
The head armor I had and needed was
taken from me and left a leech draining the
life and happiness from me leaving
demons trying to recreate me into a
monster into something unlovable,
dysfunctional, therefore having the excuse
to destroy.
I’ve been left with the desperate need of
resurrection, resurrection of the talents I
had, the destiny that I was to charter to.
The original path of development and
enhancing our lives for better healthy in
mind and body. Connection to the love that
has proven to be stronger than anything
we can imagine. I thank you God for that

Written by: ncf_boss

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