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todayJanuary 16, 2022 323 4

In all we lifetime. Neiduh in we parents’ Or grandparents’ own, We nevuh see nuttin so.
We had de ’37 riots,
De 2nd world war,
An’ even Janet in ’56.
But none uh dem didn feel like dis.
I remembuh hearin bout smallpox
An’ dem sorta plagues
Dat de Europeans did bring cross hey – Almost seem like wha happenin today.
I live t’ru decades of
Christmases and hurricanes.
But wha I seein’ dese last few weeks bout de place, From politician to pauper, man, dis is a disgrace!
Wha part dem get de money
Fuh all dem sets uh groceries?
An’ Lord in heaven know dat dis ain’ nuh scorn,
But dem does be lining up before de break uh dawn.
An’ de people wid de power
Lord hav’us mercy!
I ain’ know who dem feel dem talkin to!
I like some uh dem, but others actin’ de fool!
All kind uh fancy words
An’ a whole lotta numbers.
I would like dem to brek it down lil bit fuh we.
Fuh de ones who ain’ got nuh highfuhlootin degree.
In fact, I could brek it down too.
De Bajan people gine panic!
One ting get shut down and den de nex’
But wunna playin’ yuh doan understan’ why people vex?
Wunna keep callin numbers pon de television
An’ um ain’ like lotto – dese numbers got we frighten.

We hearin bout deaths all bout in de thousands. Amurca got infections to almost match we population.
People hey loss dey jobs an ain’ got nuh sorta income. An’ dem big maguffy countries fallin down one by one. Dis ting like it igrunt. Man dis ting like it dread.
When yuh hear yuh shout, all we like we gine be dead!
In all we lifetime.
Neiduh in we parents’
Or grandparents’ own,
De Lord like he mussee comin Causin we nevuh see nuttin so.

Written by: ncf_boss

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