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Recounting Elsa

todayJanuary 16, 2022 282

Yuh know dat fren
Dat say dem passin rong
To shout yuh fuh a few minutes,
But den when she come,
She got bout 5 udduh frens wid she
An’ dem does stan’ fuh de whole blasted day, An’ because yuh didn’ expeck nuh more
Dan a “Hello, how yuh? Awrite I gone!”
Yuh ain’ prepare yuhself fuh dum
So dem does eat out all yuh food
And drink out all yuh rum?
Well – dat fren did Elsa.
Excep’ dat at least wid dem frens,
Yuh might have lil bit uh fun.
Cheezus Christ man,
Elsa tell we she comin as one ting,
Get to we house an’ reckon
“Wunna does tek my family fuh granted evuh year So I feelin to show off
An’ gi’ wunna a lil sample uh de wrath
Dat does come wid a full fledge storm!”
Lemme tell yuh –
Dis did one time I ain’ hear nuhbody suh Dat God is a Bajan.
Elsa come wid a deceptive light breeze To cool down de place
But like uh appetiser,
De breeze did just a taste,
A teaser.
Cause what did to come
Wasn’t goin get no easier.
De sun mussee did sniff out trouble

Cause she like she didn’ want to rise that mornin. Yuh coulduh see how de
T’ick, gloomy clouds did tellin de sun
“Not today!
Doan come roun’ hey!”
An’ when yuh hear yuh shout, Outside start to look dark, dark, dark. Not a cock-a-doodle-do
Didn’ nowhere bout.
Now de experts tell we
Dat Elsa didn’ stannin long
An’ cause she movin suh fast,
She didn’ gine get a chance
To be too strong.
Well hey!
Elsa like she hear de prediction
An grabble up she pearls.
Elsa decide to remind we
Dat dis hey so is hurricane season!
When you see she start to blow
Cheezus Christ man!
Evuhbody an’ dem chile did know!
We ain’ had to wait fuh nuh official warnin
It did clear as day,
Elsa did gone pass just stormin!
De manguh tree dat did bout four storeys high Did wukkin up stink
Like somebody tell she to
Guh down to low town on Kadooment morning.
Wuh loss!
It did frightenin!
De rain did sound like big rocks pon de roof,
An like dem did getting shoot outta a machine gun Aimin straight at my winduh,

An’ I didn’ too sure if dem did hurricane proof!
Ting, I get lil brave and decide to look outside
An’ see de rain did doin uh anti-gravity dance up in de sky! Wuh I cyah say it did fallin’
No please!
It did twirlin and swirlin
Like de rain an’ de wind did doin a ballroom routine.
I sure all who did prayin’
Mussee peep open dem eyes
When dem hear how de wind did roarin’,
Like a freight train did passin,
A long, long train dat like it ain’ had no endin.
Elsa did piss-paradin
Pon we lil island
An’ we ain’ get nuh reprieve
Causin she eye nip pass to de south
As if to say she did just winkin at we. Doan ask muh how long it tek fuh she
To galong bout she business.
I really cyah tell you,
But what uh could say is dat it did feel Like time did stop,
An’ didn’ want to start back.
I did just glad
Dat she ain’ had nuh thunder and lightnin’ Cause den my heart might uh stop too!
Elsa man!
Is only when she did finally done
Dat I realise how she musee did have Nuff people on de run fuh dem lives. Lawd have us mercy!
If yuh see how much uh big tree fall An’ lie down pon de ground
Roof rip an’ fly off.
Houses flat.

De amount uh road dat flood
And heavy containers get blow down.
You could imagine dat in de height uh she fury, You coverin’ get lick way
An’ just like dat,
Widdout even movin,
You blink an’ end up outside
In all de ig’runt wind and rain?
An’ den when tings ease up lil bit,
You could imagine searchin in you neighbuh yard
An’ askin if he see piece uh you roof?
Or tellin he “sorry”
Cause you 50-year-old breadfruit tree mash up he paling?
No please,
Dum ain’ got nobody sayin
God is a Bajan,
But we bettuh give t’anks to him now dat it done Cause we coulduh had even more devastation. We coulduh find people dead in de streets
Wid 2000 houses dat get damage
An’ nearly uh hundred completely gone,
Uh must beg wunna to remembuh,
Elsa did only Category 1.

Written by: ncf_boss

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