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Resilience (We Will Survive Challenge)

todayJanuary 16, 2022 348

The brilliance of Bajans is in our resilience…
True … we does be hard ears and stubborn
We don’t like to listen and we like to do things we own way And sometimes? Sometimes we like to be loud and strong
Even tho what we say might be wrong and don’t always be right You ever hear old men arguing ‘bout cricket?
You woulda think a fight did gine brek out at any minute…
Who right? Who wrong? Who knows????
But that stubbornness gets us through the worst times
When others of lesser mettle crumble and fall
We? We will stand tall and keep … on …. Fighting
‘Cause we resilient…. never silent …. We … will… survive ….
We might be bent – but never broken –
Strength unspoken as we just get to working
We will always survive, always get through anything
That life tries to hit us with –
Our back is broad, our hide is thick…
We are the survivors of the Trans-Atlantic
Slave Trade
We have survived the trip, then survived the whip
We have survived everything they hit us with trying to break us… But our spirit is strong – we ain’t backing down
‘Cause we resilient, never silent We … will… survive….
Listen to how Minister Bostic challenge us to not back down In the face of this pandemic
“No retreat, no surrender” on our lips We are like Leonidas and his 300 “Bajans …. What is your profession?!” Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!
It’s true ….
Coz where Corona arrows rain down blows upon this world Blotting out the sun
We will not fear, coz we? We will fight in the shade! Though afraid, we will not surrender to panic
No – not afraid …. Never afraid

‘Cause we resilient, never silent We … will survive
We will survive in the face of all …this …. madness;
All … this … sadness
Replacing this darkness with Bajan kindness
We will overcome – yes – we will get through this
And we will continue to show the world what Bajans are made of The strength and courage that are knit into our consciousness You hear us? You hear me? We got this!
‘Cause we resilient, never silent We … will… survive….
We … will… survive!

Written by: ncf_boss

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