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Normal temperature

todayJanuary 16, 2022 641 5

We in d hot sun, long line ‘till it bend
get up front and hear dem:
“Sir use yuh head not yuh hand” Frustrations high – d machine cursing Bleep; bleep; bleep Once yuh walk in
But all I hearing is… “Normal Temperature”
We miss two Crop Over’s now A lack of whuk-ups
Got we head steaming
But when you go to the store Wha yuh hearing
… Normal Temperature
Every time a press conference call
We stusping
We know bajans ain behaving Stupse… anudda Aunty tongue lashing Listen …Inside I am fuming
But still, “Normal Temperature!”
You home schooling wid out AC Fans blowing constantly Working from home
Hot and sticky
Tell me how we still got “Normal Temperature!”
It was no retreat no surrender Then “This is who we are”
by all ah dem soca star Patriotism was at a high
Till, people start to die
Ah lie?
One phone call from d unit
Man yuh does feel like yuh gin lose it White suits land, sirens replace music But yuh know wha
You could still have
Normal Temperature
I lie?
2020 was hot but 2021 bring lava and so much ash it block gutter
Still, we got a Normal Temperature Volcanoes erupting all over the world Still,
Normal Temperature
People creeping now at lunch time Mistresses can’t get caught out after nine No time to spoon
Cause men drinking too at high noon Just so we all could keep ah
Normal Temperature
I see a lady dressed nicely
She spoke mannerly but I wonder
if she spent time up St. Lucy
For that thought alone I leave her be So, I could keep my…
Normal Temperature
I used to sing a little Karaoke
but all these restrictions give me time to see next time I singing a song by me
Wid sweet groovy melody
I gin call it
Normal Temperature

Written by: ncf_boss

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