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Lullaby for Soufriere

todayJanuary 16, 2022 312

Let us soothe Your cares With a lullaby So sweet
It will send you To sleep.
Let us calm Your angst With a sound So strong
It will make you Quiet down.
I am a stranger
To you, Lady,
Not born of your land
But I hold hands
With my family
Across the sea.
Your violent cough Reaches me
Reaches my heart,
My soul,
When you groan,
I groan.
And I moan
In sack cloth
And ashes
Thinking of those
Who are humbled by Your omniscience.
Those who crouch in fear Of your angry presence. Thinking of those
Who keep watch
Day in
Day out.
Night in
Night out.
Sitting in the shadows
Of your gaze
Keeping tireless watch For your fearsome Displays.
Your haze
Your glow
As smoke
From the depth

Of your abyss.
Oh Lady,
Caribbean Lady,
Ease dem nuh,
Ease we,
The original inhabitants, The immigrants,
The extended families On neighbouring lands, We sing you this lullaby And beg for reprieve.
Hush now
Lovely Lady, Hush, now please, My sweet Lady, Go to sleep.

Written by: ncf_boss

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