We Came on Merchant Ships – Rites, Rituals and Religion REGISTRATION



We Came on Merchant Ships – Rites, Rituals and Religion

3rd Exhibition in the Central Bank’s Season of Emancipation – Series of Exhibitions



Delivery of work to Queen’s Park Gallery


Deadline for submission of work                 – Monday July 17th 2023

Notification of selection                                – Monday July 24th 2023   

Delivery to QPG                                            – Monday July 31st 2023  

Opening Event                                              – Thursday August 3rd 2023

Open to the public                                        – Friday August 4th 2023

Exhibition closes                                          – Thursday August 31st 2023

Collection of unsold work                             – Friday September 1st 2023



The Artist is presenting own original works for The Exhibition.

All pieces within the exhibitions shall remain the sole property of the Artist until sold and the Artist’s share is remitted by the National Cultural Foundation in full. In the event of the Artist’s death, this agreement becomes null and void and all works revert to the Artist’s survivors on demand.

The Artist and the National Cultural Foundation agree on a commission of Thirty percent (30%) on all sales generated by the Exhibition’s promotional effort. All payments will be made through the Accounts Department of the National Cultural Foundation within 60 days after the termination of the exhibition.

The following responsibilities shall be borne by the NCF:

  1. All basic display materials and furnishings.
  2. Security and insurance to the stated artist price.
  3. All labels and price lists
  4. Publicity for the exhibition, where possible, via the newspapers, radio, television and social media.
  5. The hosting of an Opening Reception.
  6. Facilitation of catering for the Opening Reception.
  7. Production and dissemination of invitations.
  8. Exhibition assistants to facilitate the hanging and dismantling of exhibitions.
  9. An Attendant for the hosting of visitors and the transaction of sales. (NB: The Exhibition Attendants must check off each listed piece with the artist on presentation of work to the Exhibition site.)
  10. A Curator to coordinate and supervise all activities pertaining to the exhibition.

The following responsibilities are to be borne by the Artist/Artists:

    1. Provision of a list of exhibits with titles, media, size and sale price for insurance and promotional purposes.
    2. Provision of background information on the exhibits for promotional purposes in day to day marketing as well as for the press and possible wall texts.
    3. Work must be presented to the Gallery in a professional manner, ready for hanging or display.
    4. Work for exhibit must be delivered to the Queens Park Gallery by the stipulated time. The NCF will not be held responsible for failure to deliver the work on time or any lapses in presentation of the work which create a delay.
    5. Each piece must be clearly identified on presentation to the Queens Park Gallery. The Exhibition Attendants must check off each listed piece with the artist on presentation of work to the Exhibition site.
    6. Artists must collect unsold exhibits on Friday September 1st 11am – 4pm. from the Queens Park Gallery or make arrangements to have it collected from the NCF within 3 working days.

Financial Matters

The reproduction and copyright of any artwork remains exclusively with the Artist/ Artists or the Artist’s estate.

At the termination of this agreement, all work not paid for in full shall be returned to the Artist as agreed. If the Artist has agreed for a Client to purchase a work on exhibit in installments, where payment would be completed after the closure of the exhibition, the commission due to the NCF must be remitted to the NCF and all further transactions will be the responsibility of the Artist.  The Client will be made aware of this arrangement prior to any deposits being made. 

All work must remain on display at the Exhibition site for the duration of the exhibition unless the exhibition concept allows for a changing display or other changes made at the discretion of the Curator.

Registration is closed.

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