The Central Bank of Barbados Visual Arts Exhibition Series: We Came On Merchant Ships Movement

today May 25, 2023my_locationQueen's Park Gallery


“We Came on Merchant Ships” is a visual arts exhibition that celebrates the Season of Emancipation by exploring the rich history and cultural contributions of the African diaspora. This exhibition aims to highlight the journey of African peoples who were brought to Barbados as part of the transatlantic slave trade, specifically through the perspective of the ships that carried them.

The exhibition will showcase a range of visual art pieces that represent the various aspects of this journey – from the initial capture and transportation of African peoples, to their arrival and settlement in their new land. The works will include paintings, sculptures, mixed media pieces, installations, and more.

The exhibition will be a powerful and thought-provoking exhibition that challenges visitors to reflect on the legacy of the transatlantic slave trade and the ongoing struggle for racial justice and equality. By presenting a range of visual art pieces that explore the complex history and cultural richness of the African diaspora, the exhibition will help to build a greater understanding among those who visit, and foster a deeper appreciation of the diversity of human experience.


Begin May 25, 2023 H 6:00 pm
End June 22, 2023 H 6:00 pm
Location Queen's Park Gallery
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