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todayJanuary 16, 2022 65

First there were not enough Seamstresses kept busy Choices in plain, dulled colours Not anticipating the demand and Will they even be needed
In six months time?
Slowly getting used to the feel
The texture of fabric or paper on skin
Fitted carefully over nose and mouth
With snug elastic around the ears
Feeling your air escaping against the barrier Some discomfort, sweat in the island heat Spectacle wearers equals foggy vision Frequent adjustments needed.
Relief at times to hide behind
No lipstick required, no stress to cover a blemish Becomes easy, not showing our true selves Unrecognised people,
Smiling with our eyes
Uncertainty in stopping to greet a friend
Hug, fist pump or keep our distance? Expression through the eyes only
A glance and a wave
Masks are a new way of life
And those unmasked or wearing wrong Are noticed and corrected.
Notable drop in doctor visits

People unknowingly protecting Not just from Covid.
Now almost 2 years on
Familiar additions to the laundry pile Unique mask designs
Matching with outfits
Some attached to pretty, beaded necklaces Instead of glasses
Variety of colours, every disposable kind Creativity seen in unique designs
Masks, like car keys
Cannot be forgotten
Never leave home without them!
How long will they be worn? Another year, another two? Nobody knows
Uncertainty shows

Written by: ncf_boss

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