Grand Kadooment 2022 Rules




The event shall be known as the Crop Over Festival Grand Kadooment and

will be open to registered Bands of Crop Over 2019. Participation shall be through registration with the National Cultural


 1. Eligibility 

  1. The Grand Kadooment parade is open to adults 18 years and over;
  2. A Band should comprise of no less that seventy-five (75) members. A small band shall comprise 75-300 members. A large band shall comprise 301 members or more.

2. COVID-19 Protocols 

The minimum validation requirement for all patrons, staff and service providers, with the exception of catering and hospitality staff, must be full vaccination OR the presentation of a negative rapid antigen test taken no more than 24 hours prior to the event and valid for 48 hours. 

  1. The minimum requirement for catering and hospitality staff will be full vaccination AND a negative rapid antigen test taken no more than 24 hours prior to the start of the event and valid for 48 hours. 

3.       Registration   

  1. Bandleaders must register their bands directly with the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) by reading, completing and signing the NCF-approved Registration Form and returning the same to the NCF. Registration may also be completed online by filling out the appropriate Registration Form by visiting the NCF’s website  
  2. Grand Kadooment will be held on Monday August 1st 2022. 
  3. The deadline for online registration is Monday, May 09th, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.
  4. The draw for the order in which Bands shall parade, will take place on Thursday July 14h 2022 at 5:30 p.m. at the National Cultural Foundation, Headquarters West Terrace, St. James.
  1. In the event that a Bandleader or their duly appointed representative is not present at the time of the draw, the Band shall be allocated the final place remaining after the others present have made their selection.
  2. In the event that more than one Bandleader is absent from the draw then the NCF shall determine their appearance in the parade by making a draw for those Bands from the positions remaining in alphabetical order, based on the name of the Band;
  1. Bands shall assemble at the designated venue no later than 9:00 a.m. on Monday August 1st 2022 known as Kadooment Day.
  1. Bands shall parade along the route as determined by the National Cultural   Foundation. Bandleaders are encouraged to organise their bands and ensure they remain in full formation.
  1. Bandleaders or their identified representative shall be responsible for sign-off of the numbers of revellers tallied within their respective Bands with the Marshal assigned. The names of the approved representative shall be submitted on registration. The official count will take place at the entrance to the designated area. Bandleaders or their representative must sign before being allowed to parade. In the event that the Bandleader or their representative fails to sign-off, the number will be recorded by the Marshal and will be the final tally. A Senior Marshal will witness the signatures.
  1. Each Band shall present its banner when parading, clearly identifying the position drawn, inscribed in the upper left- hand corner of the banner. The banner shall also include the name of the Band, Bandleader/ Designer clearly visible.
  2. All vehicle(s), which form part of the parade, shall have the Band’s Identification Number clearly visible on the front windscreen of vehicles. Failure to do so will result in vehicle(s) not being able to form part of the parade until the Band’s Identification number is affixed.
  1. Bandleaders shall ensure that the wheels of ALL SERVICE VEHICLES (food, bar, music, washroom) in the parade are covered with a suitable protective guard constructed from a rigid material as prescribed in the official diagram attached. Failure to have such protective guards attached to service vehicle(s) upon arrival at assembly/ starting point would result in the vehicle(s) being prevented from participating in the parade.     

4. 2022 Grand Kadooment Subvention 

  1. The provision of a subvention by the National Cultural Foundation to Bandleaders and their Bands is intended to assist with the start-up cost and development of their Grand Kadooment costume Bands.
  2. Having met the criteria below, Bandleaders, through the participation of their costumed Band in the 2019 Grand Kadooment event shall be entitled to a subvention.
  3. The following criteria shall be met by Bandleaders/Bands to qualify to receive subvention from the National Cultural Foundation:
  1. Bands shall have participated in Grand Kadooment in 2019 
  2. All eligible bands will be paid a subvention in the sum of $10,000.00. 
  3. Bands of less than 75 members in 2019 are ineligible for subvention.
  4. Having met all eligibility criteria, payments will be made to the registered Bandleader as follows:
  • The first payment of 50% of the amount will be paid to Bandleaders of Registered 2022 Bands during the week ending May 13th 2022
  • The final payment of 50% will be paid during the week ending August 31st, 2022.
  1. In the event of ineligibility for subvention by virtue of not having the number of costumed members for a small or large band registered or non-participation after registration, the Bandleader shall be required to remit to the NCF any monies previously advanced as a portion of subvention for that year
  2. Failure by Bandleaders and/ or their Bands to comply with the rules governing Grand Kadooment may result in the forfeiture of the subvention. Exceptions will be only made in the event of force majeure.

5. Security 

  1. Bandleaders must provide the necessary security personnel to protect their revellers throughout the event.
  2. Bandleaders shall ensure that the wheels of the music vehicle(s) and flatbed vehicles used for transporting and serving of drinks in the parade are covered with wooden or metal protective guard and that all other trailer specifications are adhered to as prescribed in the official diagram attached. No fittings used to secure protective guards shall protrude beyond the normal dimensions of the vehicle.
  3. Failure of the trailer trucks to conform to the specifications shall result in the vehicle(s) being prevented from participating in the parade.
  4. Bandleaders are responsible for the management and execution of the parade of their Bands on the route, and should ensure that the procession keeps moving, in close formation, avoids unnecessary obstruction of the road, and complies with the lawful direction of any Police or BDF Officer in uniform or Marshal assigned to the event.

6. Arbitration 

  1. Prior to the deadline for submission of Entry Forms, the NCF shall appoint an Arbiter to decide and adjudicate on any appeals, complaints and matters in dispute or require clarification arising from these Rules.
  2. All complaints related to the Competition must be submitted in writing, to the Arbiter, in a sealed envelope addressed as follows:

The Arbiter
National Cultural Foundation
West Terrace
St. James

7. Promotion

By entering Grand Kadooment, the Band Leader has consented to the use of their images or likeness of their masquerades parading on Kadooment Day for the promotion of the Competition and for the promotion of Crop Over in general.

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Grand Kadooment
Event Social Media Handles


The information below will solely be used for verification purposes and will not be shared
with any person/entity without your permission.

I hereby grant permission to the National Cultural Foundation, its agents, successors or assignees, to have exclusive rights, license and authority to videotape/photograph the Crop Over Festival events, in which my band, listed above, appears/participated for the purpose of broadcast & promotion only in perpetuity. Bandleaders are responsible for notifying their masqueraders of this clause.

Failure to obey any of the rules and regulations and/or any instructions of the Stage Manager or any authorised NCF may disqualify any Band

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