(Rules for Participation) 

The event shall be known as the Crop Over Festival Foreday Morning Jam and will be open to the registered and participated Bands of Crop Over 2019. 

Participation shall be through registration with the National Cultural Foundation.  

1. Registration 

Registration shall be open to Bands of no less than fifty (50) members and no more than fifteen hundred (1500) members. Bands with up to 500 members will be classified as small bands, and Bands comprising members of 501 – 1500 as large Bands.  

2.         COVID-19 Protocols 

            The minimum validation requirement for all patrons, staff and service providers, with the exception of catering and hospitality staff, must be full vaccination OR the presentation of a negative rapid antigen test taken no more than 24 hours prior to the event and valid for 48 hours. 

  1. The minimum requirement for catering and hospitality staff will be full vaccination AND a negative rapid antigen test taken no more than 24 hours prior to the start of the event and valid for 48 hours. 

3. Participating Bands will be permitted to indicate their preference for starting at one of the designated starting point. 

4.         Subvention  

           The provision of a subvention by the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) to bandleaders and their bands is intended to encourage the promotion of Barbadian music. The subvention will be three thousand dollars ($3,000.00) for all 2022 registered bands. 

5.          Starting Points

       There will be two (2) starting points inclusive of:

            (1) Ball Park-Searles

            (2) King George V Memorial Park   

(a) Bands shall be ready to parade at the designated starting point at the official time given by the NCF. Any Band which is not ready to move off at their designated time will be reallocated a new start time as determined by the Parade Marshal. 

      (b) Bandleaders shall be responsible for the conduct of all members in their Bands and shall ensure compliance with all instructions given by authorize NCF officials and members of the Royal Barbados Police Force.

6.     Service Vehicles

        Service Vehicles refer to all vehicles used for the transport of food, drinks, music, supplies and washroom facilities. 

  1. The number of vehicles permitted per band is as outlined below.

Bands consisting of :  

50 persons – 2 vehicles

51 – 200 persons – 3 vehicles

201 – 400 persons – 4 vehicles

401 – 600 persons – 5 vehicles           

601 – 800 persons – 6 vehicles

 801 – 1500 persons – 7 vehicles 

7.   Registration will be online and shall be completed by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, May   

9th 2022 via online at the No late registrations would be accepted. 

8.   Bands will receive their official Identification number on the night of the event upon 

      their arrival at their assigned starting point. The identification number must be

      clearly visible on the upper left hand corner of the windscreen of all vehicles

      belonging to the Bands within the parade.

9.   Vehicles being used in the event shall not exceed the size of a standard flat-bed truck 

      with the length of tray not exceeding 16 feet.  No vehicle or its cargo shall exceed 14 

      feet in height above the road.

(a) No equipment, including the speakers shall overhang the sides of the vehicle but shall fit securely on the bed of the vehicle.

(b) Only vehicles with designated event passes will be permitted in the parade.

      (c) Bandleaders shall ensure that the wheels of ALL SERVICE VEHICLES (food, bar, music, supplies, washroom) in the parade are covered with a suitable protective guard constructed from a rigid material as prescribed in the official diagram attached. Failure to have such protective guards attached to vehicle(s) upon arrival at the starting point would result in the vehicle(s) being prevented from being used in the parade.

      (d) Open flames, lanterns, carbide firecrackers, explosives, fog systems or other such

            objects are strictly prohibited in the parade.

10. Bands shall assemble by 11.00 p.m. on Friday, July 29, 2022 at their allocated                          

    starting point. On being instructed to commence the event they should proceed along 

    the official parade route as directed by NCF Officials and the Royal Barbados Police 

    Force. Bands that fail to assemble at their allocated starting point or that leave said 

    starting point without being so directed by NCF Officials or the RBPF would be 

    disqualified from further participation in the parade.

     10. The event shall commence at 1:00 a.m. on Saturday July 31, 2022 and end at 8:00 

            a.m. the said day.

     11. Bandleaders are required to provide Security Officers to assist with the protection

           and control of the members of their Bands. Bands which fail to provide adequate

           security personnel for the event will not be permitted to participate. 

      12. Bandleaders are advised that the throwing of mud, paint and any other substance on    

            non-participants/spectators is strictly prohibited, and shall therefore ensure that 

            members of their Band do not engage in such activity. 

      13. The use of costumes of traditional characters (such as Donkey Belly, Mother Sally, 

            Shaggy Bear, Heartman etc) are encouraged. Such costumes may incorporate 

            traditional decorative elements where appropriate.However, the use of feathers, 

            beads, ornate headwear such as tiaras, decorative head pieces and excessive trim on 

            costumes are prohibited.

14. The inclusion of percussive bands i.e. “iron massive”  is encouraged to be used for the provision of music for the bands as well as the genre of the music of the 2022 Crop Over Festival, or consistent with the nature of the Foreday Morning Jam. Bands that fail to comply with this directive may be prevented from further playing of music in the event.  

15. Bandleaders are required to use their best endeavours to ensure that all traffic laws, including those specific to the consumption of alcohol by drivers of vehicles are complied with by persons driving vehicles in their Bands.  Any driver found to be in contravention of any such laws may be liable to relevant action being taken against them. 

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with any person/entity without your permission.

I hereby grant permission to the National Cultural Foundation, its agents, successors or assignees, to have exclusive rights, license and authority to videotape/photograph the Crop Over Festival events, in which my band, listed above, appears/participated for the purpose of broadcast & promotion only in perpetuity. Bandleaders are responsible for notifying their masqueraders of this clause.

Failure to obey any of the rules and regulations and/or any instructions of the Stage Manager or any authorised NCF may disqualify any Band

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